Your website says a lot about you and your business. It is the first impression that your customers will take away with them. It has to look professional and articulate your business ideals and standards – and inspire trust. If your website looks dodgy, it is a reflection of your business – the chances are it will immediately put customers off.

Fortunately, Shopmatic website theme comes to the rescue with pre-designed themes guaranteed to attract attention for the right reasons! Yes, there are many things to consider before choosing a theme, dependent on your type of business and the type of customer that you are trying to reach. And while we have designed our templates to cover your product and industry needs, we want our templates to inspire your creativity and generate thought provoking, original ideas too! We’d love for you to be unafraid of exploring new ideas for your online store. 


Choosing Your Shopmatic Theme

Here are some ideas of different types of use for our templates

● Beauty, Fashion, Carpentry or Metalwork! 

For products and fashion, these Shopmatic website templates would be perfect – giving a clear layout and showcasing your wares expertly with clear precise images. However, they would also lend themselves to other ideas – Beauty products or Beauty blogging would also work well – as would carpentry or metal work pieces! Also consider these if you are selling your own handmade products such as soap, candles or bath bombs. Your customers will find that they can easily browse and purchase a product – maybe consider building in a filter so that the choice narrows and they can easily see the products that they are looking for.


Choosing Your Shopmatic Theme

● Business-related to Food? Look here! 

As also for a restaurant, a home-delivery service, a picnic delivery or even a dietician!. 

These bright and clear colored templates are perfect for showcasing food or beverages and grabbing customers attention – these colorful and bright themes make the color pop out of the screen! Website themes such as these could be suitable for a health food website, a nutritionist, smoothie or milkshake distributor or restaurant. A healthy eating writer could also use these stunning layouts to their advantage.


Choosing Your Shopmatic Theme

● Think ‘Services’ and ‘Events’

For an ‘Event’ themed website – look no further than these templates! This style of the template also works well with workshops, classes or groups. If you are a yoga or meditation teacher, then feature snaps of your classes accompanied by information on what to expect and the benefits of the practice. Categorize your site and also include additional calendars and pictures of the services that you offer. Consider these templates for any events or service businesses – Personal Trainers or Party Organisers could also make use of this style template with strategic photographs and calendar options.


Choosing Your Shopmatic Theme

● In the Business of Education, Security, Health and More Services 

Your customers will be looking for readability and a user-friendly interface to enable them to extract the required information in a clear manner. Advertise your co-working space or counseling services – the possibilities are endless. These type of template examples give an honest and precise overview of what the business is and the facts and information that the customer needs to know.


Choosing Your Shopmatic Theme

● Architectural Design, Modelling Agency or Lifestyle Businesses

Landscape Design, Real Estate or any other businesses that require you to showcase your work – customers need to see a good display of photographs and imagery. They need to feel inspired and influenced by an image so that they want to use your services. These style templates are also good as information type sites – if you are a club or community – showcase it with these new styles. Stunning photographs really pull in the customer with these templates – you could be a talent or model agency or selling goods for travel; the effect that these templates have will enhance your business.

Take the time to experiment and test different themes and get inspired. Pick a choice from various e-commerce website templates, not just on what you like the look of but what your business needs.  Once you have decided on one theme – it is good practice to continue with the same branding that your customers will recognize and become used to. There is no ‘one size fits all’ and the only person who really knows your brand is you. Visiting other websites of a similar theme will help to give you some direction and remember that your individual photos and ideas will customize your site even further.

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