Short video clips, instant chats and direct interaction have been around for some time now. It was only going to be a matter of time before this popular phenomenon entered the business world. 

Now an idea on the same theme is developing fast and could help to get your business recognised. Read on if you’re curious or if you’d like to try it for yourself

Social media has traditionally been about putting your best images out there for the public to see but the birth of ‘live’ videos could help to add a new dimension to your marketing skills. Live videos are now available on Facebook and Instagram and are catching on fast.

Although these mini-clips disappear after one hour – their impact is still great. Young people in particular seem addicted to the more ‘closer to life’ aspect of a video – living candidly in the moment. Rather than staging a photographic shot of carefully laid out products, a live clip could be an inspirational thought or just capturing an interesting moment.

Because of the urgency of Instagram Live, people are compelled to watch it; they know it will disappear soon. A sneak peek gets viewers excited and engaged and leaves them wanting to know more. At the end of your session try asking your viewers to sign up for more information or to pre-order a product to encourage them to act immediately and capture the moment.

To start a ‘Live’ moment on Instagram you must first swipe right on the Home Screen and tap on the “Start Live Video” button.

Here are some creative ways to start the Instagram journey and make use of this exciting new marketing tool:


Going ‘live’ with short video clips
Give your customers an insight into your Business 

Show them the behind the scenes view of your company – how you make a particular product, how you deliver a particular service or even just introduce them to the staff that work there. This will ‘humanise’ your business and give customers that connection that makes dealing with you more enjoyable and personal. You could also preview upcoming events and showcase new products.


Going ‘live’ with short video clips
Broadcast a Demo or Tutorial 

Rather than just a short 10 or 15 second clip Instagram Live is able to host longer video sessions – up to an hour – giving you the perfect platform to showcase your products and services and how to use them. If you are a makeup artist show a live makeover on a model, if you provide a food service – stage a cooking class or a ‘how to’ video, personal trainers could give a live class or personal workout session. The possibilities are endless and you have a waiting audience!


Going ‘live’ with short video clips
Host a Q & A interactive session

To really get your customers and other interested parties interactively involved, consider hosting a live Q & A session. Used as a broadcasting tool ‘Live’ can help you to reach your audience and allow them to interact with you via live chat. A comments section at the bottom of the screen allows users to ask questions, discuss thoughts and leave a ‘like’ or similar type reaction.

Advertise and plan your Q & A well in advance and if possible ask your viewers to send in their questions in advance by direct message or email this will help you with preparation. If they send in an email this will also enhance your client database and generate new leads. Question and Answer session are an ‘honest’ and transparent idea that customers love!


Going ‘live’ with short video clips
Generate More Leads

Your followers will receive a notification that you have started a live session and will also see that you are Live in the ‘Stories’ section along the top of the screen. However, Instagram also features videos from public profiles in the ‘Explore’ section which will boost your visibility beyond your followers without you even having to pay for it!

Do bear in mind that once the Live session has ended that it will no longer be available – unlike a video that is actually uploaded to the site. Always use the relevant hashtags to boost visibility and make your business easier to find. Announcing the Live session on other platforms will increase your viewers and audience and finally, do make sure that you test the sound quality before starting!

Now all that remains is to set your camera up on a tripod for some ‘hands-free’ broadcasting to the world!

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