Fact: Your customers don’t care where your online store is based! 

All they expect is that if you are selling something that they are interested in, then they should be able to buy it and have it delivered to them wherever they are. 

And that is exactly what you want too; isn’t it?

So by setting clear goals and putting an effective eCommerce shipping strategy in place, you can take one of the most impactful steps to grow your business online.

What To Expect From An Effective Shipping Strategy

Let’s see what you can potentially achieve through this- 

  • An expanded market and target audience which becomes available to you by offering shipping and delivery to new areas and to people who couldn’t previously access your products. 
  • An increased average order value by encouraging customers to buy more through smart promotions like free shipping on certain order values or flat shipping rates on higher price points etc. 
  • Increased conversions ( the proportion of visitors to those who actually make a purchase) by offering the kind of rates and options customers are expecting; and providing them the ability to choose the right fit. 
  • Operational efficiency including lumping deliveries together to leverage on shipping costs, and offering preferential rates / standardised methods for deliveries. 

How To Offer International Shipping  

All this means that if your products have a wider appeal and can potentially be in demand in other parts of the world, you should definitely open yourself to international markets and use well-established shipping partners to fulfill the delivery requirements of your online business. Naturally, at this point, many entrepreneurs worry about just who to partner with, and how to incorporate best practices for international shipping on their online stores. 

That is where a platform like Shopmatic is of tremendous value. Shopmatic has strategic partnerships with leading logistics and shipping players in the local as well as global markets.

Once you choose the delivery coverage and pricing options that are most relevant for your targeted customers, Shopmatic manages all the backend integration for your online store. This means your business will be supported by some of the most reliable logistics service providers and shipping aggregators in the market.

Easyship for Singapore and Hong Kong and Shipyaari for India. Shipping aggregators work with multiple courier companies and provide sellers with a wider coverage on pin codes/postcodes.

Attention To Shipping Details Will Make A Difference 

The main goal of any online business is bringing website traffic and making the experience of engaging with the store interesting, problem-free and simple.

The manner in which your product reaches your customers reflects the scale and efficiency of your business operations. Getting good quality products from far away places delivered reliably to their doorsteps builds the reputation of your business and the trust your buyers put in your store. It’s what will make them come back to you!

Ecommerce is growing at a remarkable rate of 23% year on year. In this busy digital space, the most successful online merchants use strategic shipping options to differentiate themselves from their competition and increase margins. They pay attention to this detail especially as it is the only physical or real-life engagement customers have with business operations. Customers want to receive products or services in a reliable, professional manner as expected from an efficiently running online store.

So have you considered how products that are sold on your online store will be shipped to your buyers?   

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