Of course the only thing that ultimately matters is sales. 

You don’t want to seem desperate, yet you’d like every visitor on your store to buy something before leaving. Ideally, to come back and buy again and again!

And you want this to happen with no additional budget. 


Not really!

You see, there are things you can do even if you don’t have the money to pay an agency for advertising, sales or website-redesign. 

All you need to put in is some time. 

Here are some methods that work like magic for drawing people to your pages and encouraging them to buy. 

  1. Upgrade your product images to really exceptional ones.

    And upload more than one image per product. That means you take really good images of each product from more than one angle or presented in various ways and add as many as your website allows. Remember to offer visual relief by keeping a white background around the images for better impact. Excellent product images are by far the most important feature that makes people buy online. 

  2. Take the time to write out great product descriptions.

    Detail something special about the product. Make this writing simple to read, and enticing enough to address all the questions you know your buyers could potentially have. Also, include some reassurance of true quality so that you communicate in a genuine manner. Rather than long drawn sentences or too cut and dry, make this copy crisp and informative. Those who are interested will definitely read all about your product before they buy. 

  3. Gather reviews and include those in your product pages.

    Everyone wants to know if someone else has had any experience; good or bad with whatever it is they are going to buy too. Product reviews and ratings always make a difference! However, please don’t fabricate these, because customers soon see through the fake reviews from the genuine ones. Don’t you too?

  4. Add videos on your online store.

    Product videos; of how to use your product, videos describing the uses, anything at all that is relevant to customers and is in a video will be of interest to your potential customers. Even if the videos are being shot with a steady hand on a good quality phone camera, spend a little time arranging the right background, lighting conditions, and write out a script beforehand. All this will ensure that the final video is well made and therefore attractive. 

  5. Don’t have any surprise costs at checkout.

    All shipping and any additional costs should be made known to your buyers beforehand. The checkout process itself should be simple and straightforward, with a secure payment gateway. Platforms like Shopmatic partner with reliable shipping solution providers like Easyship and Shipyaari (geographically supported) and trusted payment gateways like Paypal, so all Shopmatic stores get the option to provide these special facilities to their customers as well. 

There you have it! These are the top 5 ‘tricks’ that will encourage visitors to your site to actually buy from you and help you optimise conversions. In reality, each of these is a time-tested method that has traditionally always worked for physical stores. What you will be implementing are digital versions of winning strategies like effective shop display, advertisements, word of mouth and customer service

Like Steven Covey said, “ the main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing”  

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