We talk of website design trends all the time. 

Great website design is your storefront and a vital part of your overall business strategy. It works to attract, engage and convert visitors into buyers and loyal customers. 

With more and more eCommerce websites popping up however, you will have to make sure your website stands out from the rest whether you are launching a new online store, or revamping an existing one. 

You might know that a platform like Shopmatic gives you some of the latest design features that are included in themes or templates and available for customisation to suit your idea. 

In addition to that, you can achieve greater customisation for your web design by including simple effects through CSS. 

What is CSS?

Simply put, CSS is a coding language for presentation of website pages; including colors, font, and layout. It adapts to large screens, small screens, and printers. This coding language is simple and is becoming hugely popular with anyone interested in web designing even if they have very little coding experience. Small lines of code can be copied and added to your website to give you cool features that engage visitors better. 

It is great news for entrepreneurs who can power through a few cool CSS tricks in no time and make their online stores stand out in an increasingly crowded space.

What Are Some Examples Of Customisation You Can Try?

The idea is for you to guide a better experience for visitors to your online eCommerce store using CSS animations. Though customisations will be influenced by the type of business you have; and what products or services you offer, some options that work well to attract visitors are –

  • animations used for guiding the user through the checkout process. 
  • icons that display products or provide instant response.
  • animated, transparent or buttons with changing colors and gradients. (for instance on ‘submit’ or ‘register’ and other call-to-action buttons ).
  • replace a CTA button with a graphic image.
  • provide a multi-line button with necessary details of a downloadable file, so users can verify details directly before clicking the button.
  • visual cues that direct a visitor through tasks. 
  • engaging contact forms that provide cues for filling required fields. 
  • changing colors of text selectors. 
  • incorporating drop caps, etc.  

Using a clear strategy for customisation, you can make your website more enticing to visitors, and make it easier for them to engage with your online store without trying too hard.  

Tips For Customising Your Web Design To Carve A Niche 

The foremost aim is to give a great user experience on your site; to communicate clearly and simply with visitors to your online store. 

The right animations will allow you to give your visitors visual cues, guide them through tasks, and even add a little bit of fun!

Keep the focus on the brand; the colors or fonts you use as a brand identity should be consistent throughout your website. In fact, the colors of your website are very important when people are making up their minds about engaging further with your store. 

This better user engagement only comes if you keep animation design simple and mainly aimed at some interaction that is useful for navigation or necessary on your website. 

Always keep the user experience in mind when you make any customisations. Remember; too many such animations can also result in a chaotic page. Use them wisely so your website always looks professional and concise.  

Customising your website will help you carve a niche in your market and help your users recall your brand easier because of the differentiators. It is a little bit like having your own bright and unique showroom that gives a good idea of the personality of your products or services. 

The best advice for animation is to use it with a clear objective in mind. The more planned your CSS animation is, the better it is. 

A CSS wave is rising; it’s time for you to enjoy riding it!  

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  • Chakravarthi says:

    How to edit CSS in shopmatic ? We are selling personalised products so we want to collect the personalised details from customers so we need a upload image or add details button in our product display page so please help how to edit CSS for that ?

    • Shopmatic says:

      Hello there!
      You can add forms to your homepage and other pages to let buyers give information. However, adding personalized forms for products is not there on the platform. You do not need to do CSS for adding forms. On Shopmatic, standardized forms are available which you can drag and drop to your website. If you require guidance for the same, please mail us at shopsupport@goshopmatic.com with or query details or chat with us on the website or on the app and we’ll guide you.
      Team Shopmatic

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