There is one important factor that you must pay attention to. 

You’ve heard it a million times. 

That if you want to stand out from the crowd and be remembered among the deluge of stores selling online, you should be unique. When you set up your online website, you must bring out the uniqueness in your store, product or service.  

Ok, that’s all very well you may say. But what does that mean? How can you actually stand out in such a crowded place where everything worth doing is already being done?

The answer is simple. ‘Be unique’. Ha! Get it?

Here’s what it means though. 

Think of a bakery that sells breads and cakes. You might know more than one for sure. Are they the same to you? Of course not! You are aware of what makes one different from the other, aren’t you? You know this because intuition and senses are so closely connected in all of us that even if we are not consciously doing so, we are paying attention to subtle messages from all experiences associated with that bakery to identify in our own minds a sum total of what makes it unique. 

Employing this subtlety effectively can help you create your unique space in the minds of visitors to your site too. We must therefore take a few specific actions to translate this subtlety and help people understand what makes you special. 

Mindful vs Mindless Communication

Mindful communication is the single most powerful tool to give yourself an edge over other less mindful competitors in the online space. 

To harness the power of this, you must curate the voice and tone of all your communication consistently. 

The voice of your store includes the words you use, and the tone includes the expression of those words. Your voice never changes. Just like the overall look of your online store stays the same. 

The tone of your store is the emotion you put in it. It reflects the situation/ occasion you are communicating. So your store can take on the excitement of an upcoming event, or celebrate festivals, mark sombre occasions or anything of the sort. 

Develop The Voice Of Your Online Store First

Here’s how. 

Think of the people you have created your online store for; your customers. 

How would you like to speak to them? Will you speak to them as a friend? A professional expert? An innovator? A village elder? Neighbour? Anything else? 

Choose something that you are comfortable talking like. For instance, if you sell garden plants, perhaps you could choose to communicate as if you were a friendly neighbor of your customers. Practice saying a few lines in that voice. Once you’re comfortable with your choice, remember to write like you would on behalf of that person every time you communicate with your customers online.  

That will be the consistent voice of all your communication. 

Now next, also think of the product or service you offer. How will it improve the lives of your customer? Write down your answer and make it a goal to communicate this directly or indirectly in your chosen voice through all your messaging. 

Adding voice and value to your communication will make it more meaningful and relevant to the customer. 

And That’s What Makes You Unique. 

With your focus thus distilled, your messages and content will now flow much easier and will have more impact in creating your unique identity. 

For instance, taking our earlier example of you selling garden plants and communicating through your online store in the voice of a friendly neighbour, your ‘About Us’ page will tell your story like you would be introducing yourself to another neighbour. You present your products in that same voice and can adapt your tone to make more excited announcements if you are displaying at a local pop up, or have any new product to share through a newsletter or a website slider.

Stay on track about communicating the added value to your customer’s lives in a consistent voice, with the help of a few words as possible. 

Make each word count. 

This mindfulness in communication is your super powerful tool to create a unique identity for yourself. 

Use it to your advantage!

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