When you have an emotional connection with a product, store or brand, don’t you lean in to buy it more readily, promote it more and generally demonstrate more loyalty towards it? You might read something about it and find yourself adding a comment. You interact, react, and effect an overall connection to the experience.  

As a customer, you’re demonstrating engagement through all these actions. 

And that’s priceless for a brand. 

When you build your own online store as a seller that is what you want your customers to develop towards your brand too. This emotional connection you aim for can be impacted through various channels of social media, your own website, the packaging of your product, the voice and tone of your communication and through  every opportunity that you get to present yourself to the customer. 

If you strategize to provide a high quality customer experience when you set up your website, your are paving the way for higher customer engagement in the long run.

Here’s How You Can Engage Your Customer Authentically

Keep in mind that by engaging your customer you are in fact marketing your online store with content rather than through direct promotion of your product or service. 

So look towards encouraging positive emotional connect like; 

Camaraderie – Build a community of people who feel connected through the same experience. For example, build a facebook page that encourages people to share pictures of them using your product in creative ways. 

Inspiration – Inspire people yourself by sharing stories of success and creative solutions using your product or service. 

Entertainment – Create or curate good content for newsletters or emailers you send out to your customers. Draw stories from real life incidents and relate them in a manner relevant to your product or service. Updates and linked news can be equally engaging. The idea is to keep the conversation going.

Paying Attention To What Matters 

Some important aspects that really build a loyal customer following are worth paying deliberate attention to. With practice over time they are easier to embody. 

The first is to remember that the experience your customer has on your site is the biggest driver of customer engagement. On the one hand, customers are more likely to talk about a negative experience than a positive one and it could take a dozen positive experiences to make up for one negative one. On the other hand, once you are able to provide a good quality experience, you can usually expect positive engagement. 

Next, build your brand ‘self’ by humanizing it on social media and through your website. Take your customers behind the scenes, be transparent in sharing your story, and personalize customer communications. If you can, add pictures of your products being produced, packed or delivered, and create other useful content for your customers too. 

Lastly, pay attention to what people are telling you. Post and follow updates on social media, becoming a part of the overall conversation and encouraging a positive tone in interactions between your online store and customers.  

There you have it!

Simple strategies that are foolproof ways to increase interaction and develop a more positive outcome for engagement with your customers. 

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