Being invisible is a fantastic thing if you are a superhero…. but if you are an online Business it’s catastrophic!

How do you reach those millions of people that need your product but don’t know it yet or where to find you?

Enhance your online presence and let’s start to show the world that you are out there.

Here are some fail-safe easy tips to let the world know that you are ready and waiting to sell your product or service to them!


Get yourself discovered Online

How to Get Found Online: Tips for Your Business

• Link Up!

Link your website to other relevant sites, local news sites, content & blogs that are related and relevant to yours in some way. Link on your own site – if you have a blog, making use of a link to a product or service featured will enhance the click rate through to the product. Ensure that a standard of professionalism is kept and that any link you use follows through to a relevant, trusted website. One good example of this is Wikipedia.

If you don’t have a website yet, you can create online store and follow the steps to be discovered online and taste success.

Get yourself discovered Online

Blog It!

A blog on your site can be an incredible resource to get discovered online. Think of your product or service as a solution. What problem does your product fix? Who is looking for the solution? By identifying the problem and addressing how your product fixes this you can create a useful, informative blog. Understand your customer’s needs, provide information and answer questions. It also helps to develop a robust calendar of content that you can refer to and aim to post at least once a week to hold interest. So now you have content that is also relevant to other sites and going back to #1 – link them up!


Get yourself discovered Online

Be Sociable

We have all heard it before but it’s not going to go away. You need to be on as many social media platforms as you can realistically manage. This will only work if you update them regularly and keep the information timely and relevant. These sites are a free publicity tool with which your customers are comfortable using every day and will also be able to interact with you. Answer any questions and present your company as a friendly, approachable business. Encourage sharing of your content either of products/services or of your blog and obviously ensure that you take advantage of all the features offered by these sites to grow your business.  Back to points #1 & #2 again – advertise your blog on your social media and include links to your website. Make it as easy as possible for people to browse your products and naturally boost your traffic.


Get yourself discovered Online

Adapt and Keep Track

Just the term SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) can be quite daunting to a new online business but it needn’t be too complicated. There is a technical side that includes ‘tags’, ‘headers’ & ‘code’ but there is also another side that can be user-friendly. SEO is becoming less about keywords and backlinks and more about matching searches to great content. Use the latest technologies available to tweak and optimize your website, boosting your visibility in the organic (not paid) searches and improve your rankings. Don’t get too hung up on keywords – a general keyword such as ‘Nutrition’ may bring in unrelated traffic and be impossible to manage. However, trying something such as ‘Nutritionist Bedford’ will narrow down the searches and would be more relevant to what people actually search for.

Fully explain your product in write-ups – giving any relevant information to accompany the pictures as images will not be indexed in the same way by search engines. Unless you know that your customers are specifically searching for certain words write on your site conversationally in a way that your customers can relate to.


Get yourself discovered Online

Google is your Friend

Google provides a service. They link customers and their searches with the best match of content possible. To optimize your relationship make sure that your site is easy to navigate, full of relevant, useful content and links to helpful resources. Most of all make sure that your site has complete and accurate information such as address, contact number, and category – making it easier to match to searches.

Google will also recognize your relationship with social media. The size of your social media audience and the number of people sharing your content is a reliable way for them to establish your credibility. Having an active social presence where you are interactive, engaging and sharing content with others, naturally builds and stabilizes your community, reputation and also your relationship with Google.

So many review sites also carry information that it can be hard to track all the websites that you are listed on. It is imperative that all information offered is consistent and up to date. Having different information offered on different sites will only confuse potential customers and make it difficult for Google to identify your business and the correct information.

Finally, take advantage of all Google has to offer for correct brand management. It has many free resources such as Analytics, Google+ and Local Page – use everything you can to build on your business relationship now.

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