Arrgghhh! The abandoned shopping cart! 

If you, like thousands of online retailers, are looking for ways to reduce painful incidences of the abandoned shopping cart, provide ease and convenience of payments to your customers through a one step checkout. Such a change can be powerful and have a positive impact on your bottom line. 

What is the Problem?

Consider this; you have made your decision to buy and you are ready to pay and checkout. But up comes a form with a whole list of questions! What can be more annoying than a lengthy and tedious checkout process that makes you fill forms and share personal information. Why are you being asked so many questions now?  

You are upset and decide to abandon the transaction. This is not uncommon and can be easily corrected by using a one step checkout system. Losing customers who have already decided to buy from you because of an inefficient checkout process is avoidable. It is time to make this change. 

Why One Step?

One of the main draws of online shopping is that it is fast and easy. People don’t have the time to go through multiple steps and might end up leaving the site and an abandoned cart. Just like we look for the shortest checkout queue while shopping in a physical store, online customers also prefer a quick and painless checkout process without having the need of filling up forms and answering questions. Hence one step checkout

Every successful ecommerce website needs to streamline and simplify the checkout process to a single page in order to enhance customer experience and ensure conversions. 

What The Customer Dislikes 

  • Some websites redirect the customer to a separate checkout page to confirm the payment method. This should not be done as it ends up confusing the customer who might just leave.
  • Many a times, customers are asked to register and many find this tedious. They might also be asked to share personal information that they do not like and would rather leave the website.
  • Hidden charges and fees that sometimes pop up at the checkout stage are never customer friendly who would rather abandon the trade and move on. 
  • Security is also a matter of concern to the customer as he fills up the forms thereby parting with sensitive personal information like credit card details. 

Making it Easy and Convenient

The complete checkout process needs to appear on a single page as this makes it easier for customers to complete their purchases. It should have a user friendly interface with only a few input fields that are easy to provide. 

Easy to Adopt and Implement

One step checkout software is available in the market and is not very difficult to integrate into your existing system. Platforms like Shopmatic integrate this for you already. This, along with providing multiple payment options to the customers will surely reduce shopping cart abandonment and add to the success of your ecommerce website. 


You work hard to run your own online store and seek every opportunity to improve traffic, but the customer’s comfort and confidence of shopping at your site will ultimately determine the success of your ecommerce website. Too many steps and too many questions can just make them give up and leave the website thus losing a sale. A pleasant user experience that incorporates a convenient and efficient one step checkout process is thus one of the most impactful changes you can make to drive business and growth.


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