Give it the credit it deserves!

Your FAQ page is your point of contact for any potential or existing shoppers if they need  quick and efficient answers to any questions they may have. This gives you a chance to establish trust and can turn a visitor into a buyer on your site by putting them at ease. 


A well done FAQ page will also save time for your customers and for you. 


So review the page you have created for your site and make the most of this opportunity to speak to shoppers who come visiting. 


The Perfect FAQ Page Will Have – 

1. Clearly and concisely written sentences. 

Too much text will end up being too confusing. Be straightforward and brief when providing answers.


2. Regularly updated information.

Don’t forget about your FAQ page! It is not a ‘once written forever’ one. Update the page with questions around your launches or any new changes too. The FAQ page should reflect your latest situation always. 


3. Basic format and simple design.

You don’t need fun colors, special themes or humor. Keep the design simple; aligned to your brand theme so that it can be read easily and without distraction. 


4. Questions organised by category.

Customers get frustrated by random order. Group several related questions regarding a single topic together so it is logical to follow by anyone. For instance organise questions on all topics related to products, shipping, billing as such. 



What Questions Should Your FAQ list have? 

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For this, you should think of the common ways customers could get confused when interacting with your online store. Think of any part of your business and process that might need an explanation. Navigating the ordering, how to make returns, your shipping process or understanding the specifics of your product are common hurdles people face.  


In addition, there are some more questions to help your thought process – you don’t need all of them! Just think of these as helpful ideas. 


Your Products/ Services 

  • What products or services do you sell?
  • What makes these products or services unique?
  • How are they different from competition or what is available in the market?
  • Do you have any quality measure your products adhere to?
  • Do you launch new products? When?


Returns and refunds 

  • Do you accept returns? If so, what reasons are accepted? Change of mind? Size doesn’t fit? Manufacturing defect?
  • Do you allow refunds? Or repair?
  • How should customers contact you for repair, refunds, returns, or queries?
  • How long do customers have to contact you after receiving their order?


Loyalty points

  • Do you offer loyalty points or reward points, gift certificates, etc.? What are the terms?
  • How can customers join the loyalty program?



  • Where do you ship to? 
  • How long does it take you to process an order before it is dispatched?
  • Do you ship packages internationally?
  • How are your orders priced for shipping? 
  • Do you offer order tracking service?
  • Do you offer self collection?
  • What should the customer do if the order doesn’t reach within the stipulated time?

Payment methods

  • What payment methods do you accept?
  • Do you offer booking facility? If so, how long do you give customers to make the payment before their order is cancelled?  
  • Is your site secure? 


The Tone That Works Best 

How to find the right audience for your business

Your FAQ page should sound like a knowledgeable and helpful friend. Write questions from the customer’s perspective, and answer them in a confident, constructive, and encouraging voice. 

Maintain an evenly positive tone throughout. 


Pro tip :- Conclude with Contact Information!


Additionally, include a ‘Call-to-Action’ if it works naturally. For instance; with the loyalty program questions; you might include a “Join the club” button or a “subscription” button. Don’t sound pushy in FAQ though. The purpose of FAQ is to make them buy your product; not get distracted with subscriptions. 


Finally, keep in mind that FAQ answers that are useful, helpful, and enticing can serve potential and existing customers to your advantage 


So answer their questions and get them to buy your product.  


Take a look at the FAQ pages of some stores on the Shopmatic Platform 

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