When you have an online store, it is vital that you have a customer service feature. But modern consumers have too many options and very less patience. And as the well-known saying goes, “Customer is King!”, and no king likes to be kept waiting. As an online business, you not only have to be quick in your response time, you should also be quaint.


However, handling aggrieved customers can be tricky! You never know what state of mind your customer is in. They could be stuck in traffic, busy at work or just having a bad day that leaves them feeling frustrated, irritated or displeased. Here are some tips to deal with customers on their worst days while keeping them loyal to your brand.


When an item is not available:


out of stock product


As a seller, the fear of losing your customer to a competitor brand because of product unavailability is a very real fear.


Telling a customer that the item they require is unavailable or cannot be delivered, can be problematic, So here’s a better way to say the same thing, more politely. Instead of saying, Currently this item cannot be delivered”, you can say,Thanks for showing interest in this item. Due to high demand, this product will be available on the website within a week. You can pre-order, and we’ll ensure that it is shipped to you at the earliest.”


Backlogged customer service queries:


customer service queries


The customer service at times may not run 24/7, this leads to a backlog of queries from customers who have emailed during off-hours. It is important to clear the backlog emails swiftly and efficiently so that customers are not left dissatisfied and frustrated.


While live chat tools on your website helps you in closing customer queries quickly, it is not always possible to respond on time. But it is always possible to be polite. If you are taking longer than usual to revert to a customer’s message, be polite and apologize for the delay. Customer’s love when brands value them.


Customer service needs customer understanding:


Things to Consider When Choosing a Supplier For Your Products


Keeping your customers happy is not always the easiest task, specially when your customer is unhappy. Many businesses, in a try to give the customer an explanation, end up getting the customer more agitated. Instead, try and hear them out. While you might not have a solution at all times, listening to your client will help you in understanding the situation from their perspective and be better at explaining them your perspective.   


Talking to severely angry customers:


customer feedback


Dealing with customers that are enraged and fuming is most likely the toughest response to handle. It is important to remember to keep your cool and deal with the customer by keeping a calm composure. The H.E.A.R technique can be used consistently in this scenario.


H is for Hear: Listen patiently until your customer has finished saying their piece.


E is for Empathize: Let your customer know you understand the problem they are facing and are available to help them resolve the same at the earliest.


A is for Apologize: Apologize for the inconvenience caused even when it’s not your fault. 


R is for Resolve: Try alternate ways to resolve the problem with your customer.


Close the conversation with a satisfied customer:


satisfied cusstomers


Closing a conversation with a satisfied customer cannot be done with just a simple “goodbye”. This is an opportunity to show your consumer, that you are committed to assist them on any issue till they are satisfied with the help. A simple “Is there anything else I can help you with?” can work like magic and get the customer to end the conversation feeling completely satisfied with the support they received.


In conclusion, customer service acts as a huge opportunity to build a better name for your brand and provide a better experience to your customers.

So don’t forget, customer support is not just a department. It’s a pillar to keep your customer base firm.

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