With an estimated 1.92 billion global digital buyers in 2019 out of an estimated global population of 7.7 billion people, there has never been a better time to start an online business.

The plethora of options to sell online makes it all the more tempting, however, one question that pops in every business person’s mind is “how to create a website”!

Even though the eCommerce industry is on an all-time rise and is expanding in every direction, the technological aspect of an eCommerce website can be daunting and discouraging, especially if you do not find the right way out.

Although there are many companies that create free websites, no one knows your business like you do, which is why you must be completely involved in the process of developing one.

With Shopmatic it is not only easy to create a website, but you can also do so for free and become an integral part of the consumer experience worldwide.

What is Shopmatic?

Shopmatic was started with an intent to help anyone going online succeed in selling their products and services. The platform offers the entire ecosystem of selling online through a unique web store for every business that also enables listing on marketplaces and social media channels, while giving insights on how to sell online, helping business persons manage everything without any fuss.

The Shopmatic platform comes equipped with integrated payment and delivery systems, multi-channel selling, interactive chat tools, insights and analytics, mobile-friendly designs, catalogue organization, single panel management, to just name a few.

Moreover, with the Shopmatic app, you get the freedom to build an eCommerce store and manage it all through your mobile phone.

Why Create an Online Website on the Shopmatic Platform?

The world of eCommerce can be mind-boggling with a number of integrations and upselling metrics to consider and this is exactly where Shopmatic is different. You can build an online store without any coding knowledge

Here’s a sneak peek into a few features that Shopmatic offers,

Store Builder

  • 60+ free store designs optimised for different industry needs
  • Modular building blocks with easy placement for customization
  • CSS capabilities to make advanced customisations at no additional charges
  • Responsive design templates that adapt the online store on any digital device (desktop, mobile or tablet)
  • Business services web page with eCommerce features to start online selling whenever you want
  • Custom domain name at no additional costs

Inventory Management

  • Unlimited product listing with a comprehensive catalogue
  • Multiple image upload to optimally showcase your products
  • List product options with variations in size, weight, etc. to sell better
  • Catalogue organisation to suit your business needs
  • Central inventory across multiple sales channels for automatic catalogue updates, everywhere
  • Bulk uploads of inventory with simple to use and templatized CSV files

Payment Integration

  • Integrated payment gateway to accept immediate payments by credit card, debit card, PayPal, etc.
  • Reputed payment partners ensuring verified and secure payments
  • Preferential, pre-negotiated transaction rates to get more out of every sales transaction
  • Secure online store with free SSL certification and PCI DSS compliance for information encryption
  • Tax computation that indicates and charges appropriate taxes on the goods and services sold
  • Multiple payment solutions for customers to suit their preference

Shipping Integration

  • Integrated shipping and logistics offering delivery solutions at the point of purchase
  • Multiple delivery solutions to get both domestic and international shipping services
  • Preferential, pre-negotiated shipping rates to get better savings each time

State-of-the-art Technology

  • SEO capable stores discoverable online on search engines without needing any coding knowledge
  • Online hosting through Shopmatic’s cloud-based, multiple server hosting facilities, inclusive of quick downloading store accessible anytime with regular data backup

Store Management

  • Customer profiling through a database that captures data such as order history, location, contact information, etc.
  • Guest checkouts to accommodate store visitors while capturing potential sales online
  • Automated order notification via email ensuring prompt order fulfilment and customer service
  • Single panel management to keep track of all relevant order information such as payment status, shipment status, etc.
  • Manage the store 24/7/365 using the Shopmatic Go mobile app
  • Refund facility with automated inventory updation
  • Chat modules offering real-time responsiveness including WhatsApp and Messenger chat tools

Data Insights & Analytics

  • Comprehensive dashboard with relevant data insights enabling inventory planning and business growth intelligently
  • Google Analytics integration to understand visitor traffic data and target customers better
  • Facebook Pixels enabling customer retargeting to monitor and improve the online marketing strategies for better ROI

Marketing & Expansion

  • Discount engines with options such as price off, coupons, etc. to encourage more sales
  • Promotion tools such as bundling and other offers to market products better
  • Viral marketing that allows a customer to instantly share items from your online store onto their social media pages, giving the store higher visibility and viral marketing benefits
  • Social media sharing of store’s domain link on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to drive more customer traffic
  • Database marketing using direct messaging services such as SMS and WhatsApp
  • Multiple sales channels in a single click on social selling channels without duplicating the listing effort

Mobile App

  • Free mobile app on smartphones to all customers via both Android and iOS platforms
  • Mobile online store enabling images uploading, inventory management, payment integration, etc.

eCommerce Support

  • Free eCommerce consultation from Shopmatic experts on setting up and managing the online store
  • Extensive resources and FAQs to know everything about the features and functions available
  • Omnichannel contact for updates and support 

How to Create your own Website on Shopmatic?

Creating a free website on Shopmatic takes a few minutes and easy to follow steps that complete the technical backend process efficiently, leaving you with only one task – choosing an online website design and uploading your products.

Let’s take a look at these step by step instructions and the various features available at your disposal to understand how to create an eCommerce website on Shopmatic,


Head to www.goshopmatic.com and click on the “sign-up” or “try it now” button to get a taste of the different web-store templates that Shopmatic offers.

Depending on the kind of business you have, choose a template that resembles your requirement.

Once you have chosen, the platform will then prompt you to fill a few basic details that will be auto-populated before proceeding ahead.

Edit the Website

Now that the details are filled in, it is time to customize the website template to suit your requirements. Click on any section of the website template which you would like to customize with new content and images. Moreover, you can change the content and the images anytime according to your liking.

Simply click on the sections that you can see to make specific changes to it. You can also link the text to a certain page. You can also add as well as rearrange a section or a page by dragging and dropping.

The toolbar comes with an image icon to help upload images easily. Same goes for the custom logo option.

As all the websites created on Shopmatic are responsive, you can see how they look on different devices while editing and make necessary changes accordingly.

Drop Down Menu

A unique feature of the Shopmatic platform that makes the process of designing a website easy is the drop-down menu. With predefined sections, this drop-down menu covers up everything you will need to create a page and an eCommerce website. 

Add Products

An important aspect of eCommerce website creation is adding the products you need to your website with complete information and relevant images. Every template on Shopmatic comes with placeholders where you can simply replace the information with your own product information.

Through the Shopmatic platform, you can add or remove a product in just a few easy clicks. The “Add a Product” tab opens up a lightbox interface where you can fill all the necessary details like title, description, price, category, images, product variants and tax rates. You can also upload a custom product image and the shipping details.

Choose a Domain Name

Now that you have chosen the design and built a website that suits your business requirements, it is time to choose your domain name. You can create one on Shopmatic free of cost or can use an existing domain name.

Enable Payments

You can choose PayTM, PayPal, Citrus, PayU, Cash on Delivery and offline payments (bank transfer, self-collect, etc.) and need to enable minimum one payment method for the online store. This can be done by simply clicking on the enable button.

Enable Shipping

Shipyaari is integrated with the platform at present. You can easily integrate and manage shipping for your eCommerce website by clicking on the enable button and filling in the required details. You can also enable shipping with your own shipping partner by enabling the same.

Enable Marketplaces and Social Media

The Shopmatic platform also allows you to widen the reach of your products by enabling listing on Facebook and Google.

Shopmatic Dashboard

A great place for you to access data insights on every part of your online business including products, orders and customers. The dashboard also provides a weekly and monthly view of the top 5 products sold, along with the sold-out products that are helpful to manage the inventory.

From designing the website to uploading products and from selecting a domain to upselling, the Shopmatic platform is fully equipped to help you set an online business. Moreover, Shopmatic offers constant customer support and has an informative FAQ section that covers every topic, making the whole process smooth sailing.

A lot of businesses are still very slow at capitalizing on the growing eCommerce trend giving you the leverage to not only set up an online store but also get involved in marketing it well with Shopmatic to make it even more profitable.

Using the Shopmatic App

You can use the same login to manage your Shopmatic store on both browsers and our free mobile app. Shopmatic – Sell Online app is available for smartphones to all customers via both Android and iOS platforms, helping you manage your stores on the fly. Download it here


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