With so much choice within the world of e-commerce, there is a constant battle to convert your website hits to sales and keep your current customers returning back to you. Numerous studies have shown that returning visitors have a much higher conversion rate than new customers – typically 4.5% against 2.4% – proving that longevity is crucial in the online shopping world.

If a customer has bought from you once – the chances are that they like your product and have the potential to buy again but you must work hard at this relationship to maintain customer loyalty and future purchase power! So how do you go about it?

Follow these steps to keep your existing customers coming back for more….

The Secret To Ensuring Your Customers Return
Offer a Loyalty Bonus

Everybody wants to feel like a V.I.P – offer an ‘exclusive’ discount to very loyal customers or give returning customers access to sales and discounts before anyone else. This shows that as a company you reward loyalty. A client must also feel that there is an exclusivity in the deal that you are offering. Your best customers can be identified by the volume of orders placed or total value of goods.

The Secret To Ensuring Your Customers Return
Offer a discount code

In a similar way to a loyalty bonus – you could offer a discount code for the customer’s next purchase or a total discount amount after their cart has reached a set figure. Discount coupons or codes can also be offered for referring friends or just by creating an account.

Shipping discounts are also particularly favored by lots of customers, as well as discount codes that can be passed on for friends and family to use.


The Secret To Ensuring Your Customers Return
Keep them up to date with regular newsletters

Maintain and build relationships by emailing your customer regularly. Content is key here, and your newsletter should include special offers, ‘how to’ tips, company news and possibly links to other relevant content. Try also including a special offer on products related to their previous purchases. A personalized email with products that have previously interested them show your customer that you care on following through and value their customer loyalty.  

The Secret To Ensuring Your Customers Return
Use Social media – regularly and beneficially

Arguably one of the easiest ways to build a relationship – you will already have a client base who ‘like’ your page and they want to hear more from you – so post regularly to update them and remind them of your fantastic products and offers available! To promote your store online you can run campaigns in advance on social media.

Above all else – you must ensure that you answer questions, enquiries, and comments quickly across all social media platforms. A prompt efficient response will show that you are engaged with your customer and striving to give them a great shopping experience.


The Secret To Ensuring Your Customers Return
Promote the Experience

It is rare indeed to offer a product that consumers cannot buy anywhere else online but what makes yours stand out is the experience and how you sell. Find new and interesting alternatives for the product’s usage, promote your customer service and make sure that buying from your company is a fun, unforgettable experience. Fulfill orders quickly whilst also providing excellent after-sales service will make it an easy and enjoyable experience for your customers to want to buy again.


The Secret To Ensuring Your Customers Return
Ask for Feedback

Customers will usually offer feedback in two varying stages – happy or unhappy. But unhappy needn’t be a negative experience. Take time to address their problems in a patient and understanding way and commit to finding a solution. Of course, it goes without saying – promote any positive feedback on your website, social platforms or quote in your newsletter. Returning customers are much more likely to write a review and you will also receive the added benefit of free publicity to their family and friends – who are also likely to be within your target market! Genuine feedback builds trust and loyalty for your brand.

Finally, customers will stay with a company when they feel appreciated or because of previous positive experiences. Taking the time to thank your customers, personalize their experience and show gratitude is a simple and free service but will have a huge impact on them and ensure future customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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