How do you build trust with online customers?

Write in large letters on your landing page ‘Trust me’. 

Just joking!

Jokes aside though, don’t you wish you could tell the online world that you are a credible business, and worthy of their trust? So they are assured and comfortable buying from you, and choose to come back for more. That’s not as hard as it might seem.

Let’s understand what makes visitors and buyers believe a site more-

First is the matter of the domain. 

You usually have the option of setting up your eCommerce store with a free sub-domain or buy a custom one. This will be the name and identity of your website or online store. It is the difference between having or as your store name.

If you have invested in a custom domain, it clearly shows that you are committed to your business. In fact, brand credibility starts with having your own custom domain so don’t overlook this important tip even if it means an extra budget. Some things are worth the expense. 

Second is that customers can ‘see’ you. 

That means your contact details, a phone number, an address, an updated and well written ‘about you’ page that provides relevant information are clearly visible and even put up in a conspicuous manner.

Customers feel assured that they can reach you when they need to or want to. Isn’t that the first step in building trust in any relationship? Keep this important tip in mind when you set up an update page on your online store.

Then they see client testimonials and reviews of your products. 

Think about it – even if you are aware that some reviews can be biased, don’t you consider and look into what other people are saying before committing to purchase yourself?  That’s how most online buyers feel too. And if the reviews you have on your site are from real customers who say real things about your products or services, it comes across as authentic.

Remember; customers are reading reviews all the time. So they are as capable of discerning meaning for themselves from the words they read. 

Customers also look at your social engagement. 

That is proof that you are interesting and most credible. Learn how to link your online store to sell on social media, keep your content updated and stay regular in posting across your chosen channels. In addition to chatting live with your customers and providing them with great customer service, get better at taking beautiful pictures for Instagram; write relevant posts on your Facebook business page, and watch more visitors drop into your online store and convert into actual buyers. 

Provide certified and secure online payment options to your customers. 

This is absolutely vital to building trust for an online business. A trusted payment gateway assures your customer that they have indeed made the payment to you. It also helps mitigate any disputes between sellers and buyers so it actually works very well for you as a merchant too.

Use options like PayPal, Citrus, and other payment gateways that are reliable and well known around the world. Nothing builds trust more than providing a safe space for money transactions. 

Build trust through shipping solutions too. 

While on the topic of security, keep the same intention when providing shipping solutions to customers too. As with payments, reputed providers of logistic solutions will add to the credibility of your site and provide your customers with extra features like order tracking etc that they enjoy.

Bonus tip – Keep your site updated! 

You know how you feel when you land on a site that does not have the latest information on products or information you are looking for, don’t you?

There you have it. Building credibility on your site means starting by being consistent with your focus on all these vital points. Once you have that, it’ll become second nature to stay updated and your online store will soon reflect the ‘Trust Me’ words it deserves. 

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