Can the product description impact sales? Can a badly described product lead to poor sales and good content really help increase the product’s appeal?


Yes, they can!


Product descriptions are way more important than you think. A description is a statement your product wears to stand out and so it needs to be appealing, attractive, & informative.


To help you gain a little more perspective, hear this out. A recent study found out that approximately 20% of purchase failures might be a result of poor product information.


So, to help you write better, below we have encompassed six easy product description tips that you can undertake to increase your sales.


Ask yourself, ‘Who’s your audience?’



audience insights


Knowing your audience is the fundamental assessment that you should be making before product description writing. Your target group will set the tone, language, and the structure of your product content.


You must gain insight into the target customer personas that highly depends on the following factors:

  • Age group
  • Education level
  • Income Levels
  • Gender
  • Lingual Preferences
  • Type of buyer like impulsive, surfers, researchers, loyal, etc.
  • Their interests


Highlight the product’s applications and benefits to enhance its aspirational value



Let us explain this with an example. Imagine you are selling leather shoes. Your product content can say:


100% genuine leather

Memory foam

Non-marking rubber outsole


or it can say:


100% genuine leather to elevate your style statement.

Full-length footbed with memory foam for 9am-to-9pm comfort.

Non-marking rubber outsole for the perfect wet and dry balance.



The second option has a greater appeal, right? Well, this is because it highlights the product’s features in the light of their benefits and uses for the customer, fueling the buyer’s intent to buy.


Therefore, before you get on with the creative product descriptions, note down all your product features and their uses. However, do not include all the features, identify the USPs or the most distinctive ones and enlist them along with their benefits to the customers.


Do not miss out on the relevant details!



Step by Step Guide to Design your own Website on Shopmatic


When buying online, a consumer cannot see, touch, or feel the product physically and so, the product information becomes all the more crucial. The description is the only way for the consumer to decipher the product and judge whether they want it or not.


In fact, in a survey, 91 percent of people deemed a detailed product description to be of high importance when making an online purchase.


Hence, a great product description must entail all the relevant details of the product along with its benefits and uses, and technical specifications, if any.


Let your description reflect your brand’s identity



brand identity


Personalizing the product description to be in sync with your brand’s tone is very necessary to make a connection with your existing as well as potential customers.


Understand what makes you, YOU, and incorporate that in the information you give. Whether your brand’s approach is professional, humorous, or informal, let the same be echoed in your product description writing.


For example, if you are an indigenous fusion fashion brand that is into revamping the traditional Indian attire like sarees into saree jumpsuits or something, your product description should resonate with your brand’s personality.


Writing something like, “Elegant Saree Jumpsuit” wouldn’t do justice to your brand’s voice, but writing, “Oh-So-Daring Saree Jumpsuit” will definitely strike the right chord with your audience.


Fit in those ultimate power words that incite consumer excitement



consumer excitement


So, there are many words and phrases that can be used to garner greater attention to your products and ultimately lead to sales. They may be persuasive, surprise-invoking, or excitement-inciting!


These “power words”  can really weave that magic and punch to your product descriptions leading your products to sell like hot cakes.


For example, when you are launching a new collection, use words like, “Introducing the all new summer collection,” and when you are describing some fashion apparel, ditch the generic adjectives like, “nice,” “pretty,” and instead use words, like, “stunning,” “breathtaking,” etc.


All such influential words/phrases add that drama to your product description making it livelier and more interactive.



Describe USPs in pointers for grabbing the attention




Many studies have indicated a very short attention span of consumers these days due to the excessive data load.


So, the best way to grab those eyeballs is to divide your product text into small lines, short paragraphs, and some quick bullet points highlighting the most relevant information. The product name can be made the product title for greater visibility and better attention.


Make your description SEO-friendly!



seo descriptions


All your product description efforts are directed towards generating greater sales volume. Optimizing your product data for search engines is one of the most intelligent ways to drive more traffic to your webstore and increase your sales.


There are many keyword research platforms available online where you can find the most used terms that your buyers use to find the products that you sell. So, find these keywords and include them in your website product data for greater search results. Ideally, you should be placing the keywords in the page titles, meta descriptions, Image Tags (ALT tags), and in product descriptions.


Use these tips and ace your product description game!


It’s time that you reevaluate your product descriptions on your website and see if it ticks off all the above-given points. If you are creating a new website, use Shopmatic to build your customized website, and don’t forget to put these product description ideas to test! We are sure that they will yield wondrous results in increasing your sales. Try them out today!

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