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Cheerful Ideas to Dress Up Your Website For Chinese New Year

By 18 January 2023 No Comments

What would you expect if you walked into a store towards the beginning of the year in South East Asia? Decor that cheerfully reminds you of the approaching Chinese New Year; that’s what! 

It’s a time when people are full of excitement and joy. And this is exactly what you can offer to your audience in the online space as well. Read on for some ideas to get you started 


1) Switch to a Festive Slider on your Homepage


Make it obvious as they enter your online store. Your homepage is the first place your customers encounter when they visit your store site for the first time. 

Replace your regular banner with a festive banner or add an element of festive cheer to your slideshow. If you are offering special Chinese New Year products, then you could even create a new one to reflect that.

Adding that festive slider is an excellent way to get into the holiday spirit. 


2) Add a special announcement or Pop Up


Use the announcement bar on your website to communicate your festive opening dates/times, cut off dates for orders, any special festive sales or delivery announcements you want to make. Consider adding a small, festive CNY graphic pop up to the corner of your website to liven things up if you can. 

Ideas for this image can be something small and fun like Chinese red lanterns lights, upside down Fu characters or blooming flowers.  


3) Make your Festive offers clear 


If you offer a sale or special deal for the end of year, you should pay attention to where you place them and the words you use to announce them. Research most used words and don’t forget to update your SEO accordingly for the season for these too. Festive offers are best announced front and centre on the homepage of your website. 


4) Create a cohesive look on your website 


Once the Homepage is set, you should pay attention to taking the theme along your entire store in a cohesive manner. Perhaps you could add a pattern as a background on every page or change the background colour with a different template to make it more eye-catching. Don’t neglect the sidebars, icons, and buttons on your pages. 


5) Design a CNY logo 


This doesn’t have to be too elaborate. Perhaps add an element of colour or a fun element like a Chinese lantern to your existing logo to illustrate that this is a special time for your store. 


6) Pay Attention to Important Housekeeping 


Update your products, services and product descriptions

If you have CNY products or special services for the season, update the page with relevant text and updated photos. You might add ‘CNY stock’ or ‘season’s collection’ to convey this to visitors 


Update your SEO and Keywords

Include words like ‘Gifts for CNY’ or others that are relevant and searched during the season. Use these Keywords in blogs and social media posts to increase organic reach as well  


Update your Email signature

Keep all communication cohesive using the same logo, pop up, information, and messaging so it is easier to recall your brand across social media platforms, email and even online greeting cards for the season 


Other things you can do to maximize the opportunity for sales that this season provides – 

  • Offer the chance to personalize your products and services where possible 
  • Offer special festive bundles that promote cross selling or upselling of your products 
  • Offer attractive shipping options or free shipping if possible 
  • Offer free Gift wrapping services and personalized cards to buyers
  • Reach out to your email subscribers with information on all you are doing at your online store; create a buzz for the occasion
  • Create social media posts for Facebook and Instagram to wish your fans and followers 
  • Support a cause or charity and spread some real cheer during the season 

Have some fun yourself this season! 




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