There is no denying that freelancing has changed the way we work these days.

And technology provides us the support to carry this new way forward with confidence too.

As video quickly becomes popular online content, the demand for video editors is increasing rapidly too in the video editing businesses. Which means if you have the software and skill to put raw footage together into an attractive video, your services could be in high demand.

Like in all over supplies sectors, freelancers looking to establish themselves successfully in video/ film editing will need to build a personal brand and credibility, both of which take time and consistent effort.

Here’s How Video Editing Can Be A Viable Freelance Career

Top Desirable Traits Of A Video Editor

  • The ability to genuinely understand what the client needs and being able to work with the producer/ storyteller or director to deliver the right message.

  • To work quickly and efficiently.

  • Staying updated with the latest trends in the industry; continuously learning and evolving.

Ultimately the rewards are plenty so it is well worth it!

Where To Start

Set your intention firmly. Remind yourself of all the advantages of walking down the freelance path.

1. You don’t need to be tied down to any one production house

2. You can gain exposure in a variety of genres and work with various budgets giving you a very rich experience

3. You can control your schedule and choose to expand your work to your convenience.

Then get your gear together with a full-proof video editing business plan. You don’t need to go all out for that; a laptop with the editing software you’re comfortable with, a hard drive that you’ll use for storage and some good headphones. If you are also shooting raw footage, you might want to get a video camera ready which could be as simple as your phone. As someone on the move, it helps to stay light and use technology to deliver great results instead.

Now put together solid samples of your work and start to build a resume or editing reel online.

Here’s How Video Editing Can Be A Viable Freelance Career

Build Your Video Editing Website

As a freelancer, your main advantage will be your range of experience and the quality of your work. In order to look professional and attractive to potential clients, use your freelance video editor website to develop your personal brand effectively.

A valuable piece of advice as you are starting out is to work with a wide range of genres so as to increase your ‘usefulness’ to a potential client.

Use your Video editor website to:

  • Provide contact details so your potential clients know where/ how to reach you. Do you like to be contacted over email? Whatsapp? Facebook Messenger? Or plain old phone? Whatever you choose, put down the details of that on the first page of your website so it is easy to contact you.  

  • Provide clearly sectioned editing reels to illustrate the variety of your services. If you use a platform like Shopmatic, the best website builder for small business, to build your online presence, or instance, you choose from very well designed templates and display your reels in clearly sectioned product categories on your website. Remember that when sending an edited reel as a sample to solicit business, it helps to send one that will be most like what your potential client is looking for.

  • Link a payment gateway of your choice to your site so that your clients can be invoiced and pay you directly there.

  • Have an ‘About me’ page where you talk interestingly about yourself, your experience and your style. Make that genuine and brief. Speak of your respect for the client’s time and budget, as well as your interest in delivering to their need.

  • Use features that platforms at best online video website builder like Shopmatic provide to offer live chatting facility to your clients on your website.

  • Link any Youtube videos, Facebook page, Instagram account or Twitter account to your site.

  • Market the site on social media. Be consistent in posting updates that may be of interest to your audience. Once you build a community of people who are interested in what you say, the work you do and the advice or opinions you offer, your business will grow in giant strides.

  • Consider contributing to relevant forum discussions so you display your expertise and build a positive reputation for yourself as a video editor

It is crucial that you keep yourself updated with technical skills, major developments in the industry, techniques for acquiring clients and communication approaches.

Freelancing has truly opened up so many avenues for people to make money and this trend is only set to grow. The need for skilled video editors is also rising and good quality videos are becoming commonplace.

It is time to stake your claim in this space now. 

Ready to start your own online video editing website? Start by creating your website for free today!

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