Your passion for travel and entrepreneurship have led you to start a tour guide business. It is an exciting first for you, but for the customer, you are just one of the many thousands doing the same. How to get the customer choose you over the others? What can make your offering unique?  Why is your product important to the customer? You need a good product branding strategy to take care of all such questions. 

Product branding helps you develop a unique identity for your offering and differentiates it from others in the marketplace. The creation of a name, symbol or design that consumers can recall immediately as the product/ service they need is the ultimate goal of every branding exercise. 

Why is Product Branding Necessary?

The marketplace is extremely competitive and the best way to stand out from the crowd is through effective product branding. Your brand is like a promise of quality, efficiency and service to your target customer and gives you a competitive advantage against your competition. 

Product branding can impact the customer’s overall perception of your business, so such strategy needs to be planned carefully and consistently. It is always smart to build your brand around who your target customers want and need you to be.

So now that you are starting a tour guide business, product branding along with selling the product online has become an absolute necessity. An effective brand strategy can give you an edge in making a mark in these competitive markets.

How to Build the Brand

A good place to start would be to have absolute clarity and understanding of what are the benefits and features of your product and services. The company’s vision and qualities associated with your company will determine your brand strategy. 

Suppose you are looking at starting a tour guide business promoting nature walks and ecotourism. In order to devise any strategy, you need to be sure about the demographics and the exact profile of your target audience. For example, the needs and requirements of college students and young adults is very different from those of families with young children. Your brand strategy will be dependent on who would you like to cater for?  

It is easier to create a brand identity once you have determined your target audience and hence their needs. The customer should be able to relate to the mission and message of your brand and what the company is most passionate about. For example, in case of the starting of tour guide business focusing on ecotourism, both parties should believe in the concept of sustainability and conservation of the planet earth. Such shared beliefs will also be of help in your marketing efforts.

A closer look at your competitors’ offerings can help you differentiate and determine your niche. Try to offer something unique, something exciting that can lure the customer. How about throwing in a picnic under the stars or perhaps some early morning yoga sessions as a bonus with your camping package. However, whatever you choose to do needs to be consistent with your brand’s image and beliefs.   

Success of any product ultimately depends on how you provide value that improves consumers’ lives. So as you work on your product branding, don’t forget to highlight on the key qualities and benefits that your brand offers. The nature walks and ecotourism that your new business offers is an excellent way to embrace the beauty and serenity of nature and de-stress… in contrast to our busy city lives!

Marketing the Brand 

Branding helps you to create a niche product and find ways to differentiate yourself.  Spread your reach in the market with the use of an online website maker. There are many available options in the market that can do justice to your ideas and imagination and help reinforce the visual identity for your business.

Your logo, symbol, design and style must all be consistent and convey your mission and message as you sell products online. There cannot be any lapse on delivering on your brand’s promise as otherwise you will lose customers.

In Conclusion

The thought of “ecotourism” bringing a brand recall of your tour guide business is a far fetched dream today, but nothing is impossible. Building a brand takes time, but is worth the effort. Believe in your vision and find ways to differentiate your product to build a recognizable brand while addressing why your product is important to the customer. Moreover, most customers prefer to buy new products from brands that are familiar to them, which makes brand building and brand recall crucial for the growth and success of your business. 

Successful branding helps to tell a story about your product. So choose carefully and stay true to your brand. Always keep your product’s purpose and target demographic in your mind to ensure consistency. No one knows your brand better than you so it is up to you to spread the word as you sell your product online.

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