Change is the only constant. And what happens around social media will change in the coming year very rapidly too. Do you remember the time when Facebook had only one ‘like’ option? Or when Twitter and Instagram were not so popular? How quickly things change!

Why Stay Updated?

When you create your online store therefore, you aim to stay relevant and up-to-date with social media trends even in these rapidly changing times. It helps to reach more clients, maintain relationships with your current customers and establish the credibility of your product or service offering.

social media trends 2019

Social Media Trends That Will Matter More In 2019

Being up to date therefore will provide important direction to your overall social media marketing strategy. So here are the top trends you should know of for marketing your online business in 2019.

1. Transparency and authenticity are more highly appreciated

Business owners, company leaders, CEOs and senior managers will start to be more directly visible on social media channels. So as a business owner yourself, embrace authentic engagement. You could share insights, offer comments or listen to and engage with your audience as a part of your routine. Use social media for meaningful social interactions. Part of running a business in 2019 will be being active on social.

2. User-generated content

User-generated content including Influencer Marketing (YouTubers) will increase, making your product or service more credible. It could be something simple like customers posting pictures of themselves in a particular product, posting comments or liking your shares, or sharing their stories with you. Businesses will be more like navigators who guide people to their products and let them decide whether or not it’s right for them. Rather than directly urging consumers to buy.

3. The video is on the increase

Live video streaming on social media, the short-lived story option on Instagram where a video is deleted after a short time, and vertical video which can be watched more effectively on a smart mobile phone are three video trends that will be invaluable in 2019. Videos are a good way to engage with your customer and are easy to consume too. They give you a chance to offer a behind-the-scenes look at your brand and make more meaningful connections with your audience.

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4. Message Services

Consumers will communicate with you and about you more through message services. Messenger, WhatsApp, and other personal message apps are increasing in popularity for chatting privately with the brand as well as for sharing content. Your ads and messages will become more personalized therefore and measuring the success of your social media marketing will be more challenging as well.

5. Placing ads is as important

In 2019 the ads will continue to become more personally targeted and story-based. Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube are still great options for placing ads and powerful marketing channels. Shopmatic Facebook Business Extension is an example of a great tie-up between the platform and Facebook to offer more targeted and meaningful options for placing ads for your online store.

6. Augmented reality will be big

Consumers will use more of it similar to the filters on snapchat, to create enhanced versions of video or image to share. Keep up-to-date with the latest Augmented Reality features available on social.

7. Social commerce will grow dramatically.

You could be linking your online store to your Facebook page or Instagram profile and will be able to sell from there too.

social media trends 2019

Putting it together:

The digital social space moves at an accelerated pace. Brands and stores that understand trends and can incorporate some of them into their social media marketing strategy will always remain relevant.
There is great excitement ahead in 2019!

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