No one really gives you the full picture.


Yes, developing a logo is important for establishing brand identity. However, a logo does so much more than just building a brand identity for your business. And if you are heeding the common advice about developing a logo, then you must understand what it can truly do for your business. 


After all, it is only if you understand something well can you harness its full power!


So what’s the big deal about a logo? 


Let’s dive in to understand the benefits of developing a logo for your business and to explore the true impact of these. 


Yes, a logo creates a brand identity


Somewhat akin to a stylish outfit for your business that makes you stand out from the competition and makes your business easily recognizable. 


The bigger impact of this is – 


Your logo can build an image and a brand that is greater than your own individual identity. 

If your logo is well designed, it projects a professional image and builds credibility for the business. It makes you look more ‘established’ 


It conveys that you are committed to your business and to your customers. If you have invested in your identity, you are more likely to stay in the game. Therefore it gives a sense of stability to clients and customers.


Your logo makes you more memorable. Many people remember what they see better than what they read. So the graphics, font, or any identifiable feature in your logo contributes to becoming easier to recall when customers are searching for related goods and services. Especially if you have a difficult to pronounce or long company name, having an interesting logo makes it easier to recall. 


A logo builds brand equity


When a logo starts to become recognisable, it drives decision making by the consumer and makes connections with others who share the same values as your business. 


The bigger impact of this is – 


You increase your chances of running a well-rounded business that is more complete and hence attracts well-defined engagement. 


This means that over time the right partners, vendors, employees, influencers, social media marketers, or website designers too will be attracted to your business. Not only does this give your business real strength, it is also critical If you choose to sell your business in the future. 


You attract more customers and clients. A logo used consistently over various channels encourages consistent customer recognition and builds customer loyalty. It represents a well-defined company, and for some customers the “look and feel” is an important criteria for making a purchase.


In the case of an online business selling a service, a logo creates an identity that is separate from and perhaps bigger than an individual identity.  


A logo keeps your marketing consistent



With a logo a company can start to bring consistency in terms of colors, typography, print, etc. to all branding and marketing initiatives. It is a visual marker for everyone engaging with your brand. 


The bigger impact of this is – 


Consistent use of a logo in marketing and branding is very valuable for building customer recognition and customer loyalty. Once customers start recognizing a logo and buying a service or product, it is easier to engage them and attract attention. There is great power in familiarity! 

Customers are more likely to be attracted to a product with an unmistakably familiar color/image/typography than another product that they don’t recognise as they are shopping.  


When launching new products as well, customers will be more interested in a product that is consistent with a familiar logo, or looks more complete because of it. 


The best approach is to include marketing material and a logo together to build a brand for your online business. It becomes a compelling package that works to build a professional image and valuable brand equity.


So now that you understand the bigger impact of its benefits. invest some time to build an interesting logo for your online business. 


Use it to stand out and be visible, memorable and credible to your customers!. 


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