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Shopmatic 9th Anniversary Awards: Celebrating Entrepreneurial Excellence

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Back in 2014, Shopmatic was founded with a simple goal: to enable anyone and everyone sell online. Over time, it’s been the go-to for businesses, offering entrepreneurs an easy way to succeed online—no tech skills or coding needed. Started with helping entrepreneurs sell online via a webstore, Shopmatic then ventured into helping them sell via Chat, Social and Marketplaces.


As we approach our 9th anniversary, we’re bursting with joy and gratitude to share this significant milestone with you.


Enter the ‘Shopmatic 9th Anniversary Awards,’ a celebration honoring excellence across 9 distinct categories. These awards encapsulate the innovation, unwavering dedication, and entrepreneurial ethos that define our incredible community.


Join us in commemorating 9 years of collaboration, entrepreneurial vigor, and triumphant stories!


Please find the list of categories below:

1. Most Proactive Merchant Award

This prestigious honor celebrates an individual’s exceptional commitment to proactive communication and unwavering support towards our support team.

Winner: RC Basket

RC Basket’s friendly and active way of talking, along with steady support, sets a great example for everyone. Their dedication shines bright and helps our business world at Shopmatic grow, and vice cersa. Here’s to their amazing work and dedication in making our community even better!

Visit them at: www.rcbasket.com 

2. Health & Wellness Excellence Award

This recognition speaks volumes about their unwavering commitment to promoting health and wellness through their business.

Winner: Cap Kaki Tiga

Their focus on promoting health, delivering top-notch products and prioritizing customer care distinguishes them from others. Let’s give them a big round of applause for their incredible dedication and commitment!

Visit them at: https://capkakitiga.wenken.com 

3.Master of Transactions Award

This award highlights their exceptional proficiency and success in managing transactions, securing one of the highest number of orders in 2023 among our esteemed merchant community.


Their commitment to delivering exceptional products and dedication to ensuring seamless transactions have set a benchmark within our community. Besides, their efforts reflect excellence and contribute significantly to shaping our entrepreneurial landscape at Shopmatic. Kudos to their outstanding dedication and achievement!

Visit them at: https://www.svaback2nature.com



Winners: Hamari Chakki (INDIA)

Their steadfast commitment to delivering top-notch products/services and ensuring seamless transactions has indisputably set a gold standard within our community. Furthermore, their tireless endeavors not only embody excellence but also play a pivotal role in shaping our entrepreneurial landscape at Shopmatic. Hence, kudos to their exceptional commitment and accomplishments!

Visit them at: https://www.hamarichakki.com 

4. Community Impact Award

This award recognizes their remarkable dedication to making a positive difference and leaving a lasting impact on the surrounding community.

Winner: JojoMama

Their tireless efforts, whether through philanthropic initiatives, community engagement, or other impactful endeavors, stand out and have significantly influenced our community. Moreover, their commitment to creating a positive impact sets an inspiring example and contributes immensely to the betterment of our community at Shopmatic. A heartfelt applause for their remarkable dedication and positive influence!

Visit them at: https://www.jojomama.net


5. Growth Powerhouse Award

This award celebrates their unparalleled dedication and success as the highest contributor to our Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) among our esteemed merchant community.

Winner: Sunshine Baby Organic

Their outstanding contributions in driving sales and achieving the highest GMV speak volumes about their unwavering commitment, strategic acumen, and exceptional business prowess. Additionally, their relentless efforts set a benchmark for success and significantly contribute to the thriving entrepreneurial spirit at Shopmatic. A round of applause for their remarkable dedication and exceptional achievement!

Visit them at: https://sunshinebabyorganic.myshopmatic.com 

6. Webstore Design Marvel Award

This accolade celebrates their outstanding dedication and mastery in crafting the most visually stunning and user-friendly online store design within our merchant community.

Winner: Jonah Foods

Their webstore’s aesthetically appealing design and seamless user experience have set an impressive benchmark, captivating visitors and providing them with a delightful shopping journey. Furthermore, their commitment to excellence in design sets a high standard for user experience and significantly enhances the overall shopping experience within our community at Shopmatic. A well-deserved recognition for their exceptional creativity and dedication to creating an engaging online platform!

Visit them at: https://www.jonahfoods.asia/



7. Longest Tenure Award

This award honors their enduring commitment and loyal partnership as one of our esteemed and longstanding merchants.

Winner: Le Modest Lady

Their unwavering dedication and continuous support have played a pivotal role in shaping our lively merchant community. Their steadfast commitment acts as a strong foundation, greatly fostering growth and unity within our entrepreneurial network at Shopmatic. We extend a heartfelt thank you for their unwavering dedication and invaluable contributions throughout the years!

Visit them at: https://www.lemodestlady.com

8. Entrepreneurial All-Star Award

This award celebrates their exceptional dedication, rapid growth, and promising potential as a newly joined merchant within our vibrant community.

Winner: Theos Kyrios

Their eager attitude and creative tactics make them stand out, showing immense promise for future success. Their dedication and new ideas add to the lively spirit and potential in our entrepreneurial circle at Shopmatic. Let’s give them a round of applause for their outstanding accomplishments and the exciting journey ahead!

Visit them at:  https://www.theoskyrios.com 

9. Avant-Garde Visionary Award

This prestigious recognition celebrates their unparalleled creativity, pioneering spirit, and commitment to offering unique and innovative products that captivate and inspire.

Winner: Surface Noise Records

Their products have truly changed the game, setting a new standard for innovation that goes beyond our community. Furthermore, they’re not afraid to push boundaries and create products that break the norms, making them true visionaries. Additionally. their commitment to changing norms and inspiring others with innovative ideas fuels the entrepreneurial spirit at Shopmatic. Let’s give them a big round of applause for their visionary mindset and groundbreaking contributions!

Visit them at: https://www.surfacenoiserecs.com 


We extend our heartfelt congratulations to each winner for their remarkable achievements!  You all inspire us. 

Thank you to each and everyone of YOU for being an integral part of our journey and for your continuous support over the 9 years!

Happy 9th to you and us! 🎉

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