Humour sells!

And everyone loves a laugh. 

So if you have what it takes to lighten up content on your site a little, go ahead and put yourself out there. 

If you’re like the majority of entrepreneurs though who would love to use humour but don’t really have the knack, read on for some easy tips on how to use the power of humour to win the hearts of your online customers

What humour does for you – 

  • Using humor will help your brand be memorable
  • make it easier for you to build fans and connect with your community and 
  • help you define the personality of your brand.

Where can you use humour?

The obvious answer is usually on your social media links. Facebook and Twitter are mostly where users expect entertainment. And Instagram is good for sharing funny candid pictures. It doesn’t need to be restricted to your social media channels though. On your eCommerce store website, for instance, you can find interesting and humorous ways to introduce yourself in your ‘about us’ page.

How about ‘Superman, Superwoman or Super-power? Even when understated, a humorous take grabs attention and stays in the minds of your audience. 

Other times you could grab attention with a funny subject line for customer emails; a humorous banner announcing discounts or even be consistently witty in announcing new products. Whatever comes naturally to you. 

Are there ‘types of humour’? 

Funny question! 

Don’t look for a formula, but stick to a ‘personality’ for your brand’s sake instead.  

Usually, someone who makes jokes easily either 

  • Makes observations that are funny and reflections on everyday absurdity
  • Or they could be self-deprecating; making themselves the target of the humour. Be careful with this type though! In the case of a brand, this has to be done expertly so as to endear your brand to customers rather than make it a target of ridicule. 
  • Another way is to make puns and use that in content pages, emailers to clients or as introductory headlines. 
  • You could weave a humorous take on current topics – events, news, etc into emails or content that you create for your online store. 
  • A huge favorite is telling funny stories of things that happen to you or in the running of your business that is relatable. These are often popular with online audiences especially when accompanied by photographs. For instance- a lost kitten found in the wool box you use to knit mittens for sale. Cute, funny, and a huge crowd pleaser!

What can be humorous? What can be disastrous? 

Obvious setting for disaster are political jokes, religious jokes and even jokes targeting a certain community or section of people. In addition to creating negative impact around your brand, you land up alienating a lot of people who could be potential customers. 

Just keep it clean and simple – have fun with your fans; and learn to tell great stories to keep the mood light and cheerful. That’s how you grow a community and build a following for your online eCommerce store. After all, humor is integral and inherent to happy human relationships. Isn’t it?

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