Are you a locally sourced product online store? Organic? Affordable? Hand crafted? 


Whatever it is that defines you, is uniquely yours, is known as your USP (Unique Selling Proposition; or Unique Selling Point). This is something your competitors don’t have. 


This differentiator could be anything such as the lowest cost product, the highest quality, ethically sourced or the first-ever product of its kind. If you offer a service rather than a product, your USP may be that you finish client projects on time. Basically it is a benefit that you can be identified by. A clearly defined compelling and assertive benefit.  


Why Is Your USP Important?




You can write out your USP as a slogan. However, it is much more than a slogan. Your USP is something that is embodied in many areas of your business, from your pricing policy, return policy to your sourcing and supply chain; illustrating a commitment towards it. Walk the talk of your USP


You may not be selling something unique; however, the message you choose to focus on that your competition doesn’t, makes you unique. 


So How Do You Write A USP?


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We have seen that a USP is valuable; and it follows that you should create one for yourself. Instead of trying to be known for everything, define and stand for something specific. That will then become what you’re known for. 

Use some simple steps to guide yourself and arrive at a well thought out statement. 


  • Start by going back to the basics and recap what your business sells, to whom and why
  • Describe Your Target Audience 
  • Write down the pain point you address
  • Write down how you solve it
  • What do you promise to your target audience?


By now you should have a paragraph of clear intent and benefit, with differentiators- the things that set you apart. Edit that down to just one main factor that is most compelling. Keep it clear and simple for maximum impact.  


Communicate your USP Effectively



Your USP can be a powerful marketing tool. It can help set your brand apart in a crowded market and make your business memorable. 


In your online store you can choose to add a USP bar under your primary navigation or home page. For instance, the Shopmatic platform has an announcement bar has is enabled on Headers to call attention to important messages and can be used to draw attention to your USP. 

Use Icons to increase visual impact and reduce the monotony of text. 


Use a tagline of a web page or a bulleted list on a product page as another very effective way of communicating your USP. These are used consistently along with your brand name and begin to establish the identity and recognition of your brand. If you feel you have a more wordy USP, you may choose to add a dedicated block of the same on your homepage.  


Over Social Media you will do well to stay consistent and communicate your USP along with your brand name as a strong presence

Create content that explains why and how your company is different from the competition in the market. 


To sum it up; remember the importance of giving your users a reason to choose to use you over competitors; communicate your USP!


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