Of course we know that you can pay for Advertising and Marketing to spread the word about your brand and bring it to everyone’s notice. Yet, no amount of money can truly buy your customer’s loyalty. Doesn’t that make it priceless? 

And loyal customers are more than just sales; they are a force on your side. They clearly see the benefit your brand offers, they buy from you regularly, and they will readily and genuinely recommend your product or service to more people. 

Think of them as your community. 


Build Your Community


A community is basically a group of like minded people with a common interest. Perhaps some of them are already your customers and vested in your brand. Your goal should be to bring them together for more impact. Here’s how: 

  • Create an online space; a social media group (like a Facebook Group), a forum or chat room where your customers can share their experiences and stories can help them engage and build that community.   


  • Share your story with your customers so they understand you and what your brand stands for. Post blogs and other content related to your journey as an entrepreneur. . Better involvement comes from better understanding.


  • Create content that adds value to the lives of your customers and goes beyond selling the product. For instance; provide advice on related topics that give you a chance to show your expertise or the value of your product/service. You could even start a discussion on a topic you feel considerably comfortable adding genuine value to. 
  • Keep answering all their questions and offering support whenever necessary. It is important to establish yourself as responsive. These conversations build great community experience among group members


  • Encouraging customers to share their photos and videos along with their experiences with the brand can help in building and growing communities.


What Role Can the Community Play?



  • A community with an interest in your brand can not only help strengthen the relationship between your brand and the customer but also help attract other people to your product. They are like your brand advocates who advertise your product for you – A brilliant marketing option! 


  • Existing customers within the community can share their experiences in the chat room and give you honest feedback. This is invaluable as many new ideas and information are shared that can help improve your business.


  • Having strong community support goes a long way in keeping up your brand’s reputation. There are going to be times when not-so-nice comments about your product/ brand come up on social media. Learn how to accept shortcoming graciously, apologize, and take control of a gently guided narrative towards a positive outcome.      


  • The community that you have nurtured and engaged can be the best testing ground for your new product as well. By belonging to a community, you already have shared ideas and beliefs. So this is the best place to test the feasibility and get some honest feedback about a new product that you would like to launch. 



The benefits of your brand having a strong online community are many and it makes sense to get started building such a group. Take time to reach out to your audience and keep them committed by providing genuine value and resources. A  truly successful community is one where customers want to connect and interact, sharing and communicating while keeping your brand’s reputation protected and helping it grow.  


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