Live chat is the best tool currently for your online store. No exaggeration. 

You can see it is important; more than 60% of consumers are more likely to return to a website that offers live chat. It improves customer satisfaction as well as customer retention.  

Why is that so?

Because there are clear benefits for customers as well as store owners alike! 

Let’s go through these so you have a better understanding of the impact live chat has on your web store’s success. 

Live Chat adds a human touch to your otherwise faceless website. 

It gives confidence to the humans interacting with your website who get real time support. Nobody really appreciates an automated response to any query or issue they need resolved. This means you have the opportunity to learn customer pain points first hand and gather information relevant to your business.

Live chat plays a crucial role in improving customer satisfaction, growing your customer base and helping your business in the process. 

It reduces customer support expenses

Developing customer trust and loyalty is not a struggle when you have the means to engage with them in real time. The ‘Live Chat’ button on a website was found to give confidence to 90% of customers who visit it, and leads to an increase in sales.

Shopmatic’s platform comes equipped with a live chat ability. All it takes from merchants is to turn it on to transform the quality of customer service and loyalty offered on their web stores. No need to employ extra staff or sign on a data centre to deliver this. 

Provides faster problem resolution

We know it is the age of instant response. Fast response equals more leads because people just don’t want to wait to hear back. They will click on the next search listing instead. Research has found that 59% of customers are more likely to buy when brands answer their queries in under a minute. 

So given that live chat connects promptly with customers and lets you work with them to identify the root cause of the problem, resolve their issue directly, it is invaluable.

In addition, there is no need for them to click one button after the other. This first contact resolution is unbeatable!

Gives you a competitive advantage

Only you can create that narrative for your own brand. Just like each individual is unique, so also the personality of each online store is unique.

A live chat option gives you the chance to show the unique personality of your web store; a distinct advantage over competition even if they are selling the same products as you. 

The manner in which you handle live chat will be identifiable even in a crowded marketplace. 

Surprisingly, even now many online stores don’t take full advantage of this user friendly tool that offers greater Convenience, iImproved efficiency and is more cost-effective.

Live chat can be a good medium for you to increase your email lists, make simple requests for social media likes, or to gather feedback. It is powerful in creating your signature brand voice and very convenient for customers.

So now that you understand the benefits, go ahead and reap the value of a live chat for your online store!

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