Is anything more important to you than increasing sales? 


If you dream of seeing the revenue graph head north as new and old customers visit your store more frequently, then take this chance to review and tweak your online strategies. You’ll find hidden opportunities to improve your sales; including some obvious ones that you might have overlooked. 


Some Strategies for you to implement


Bundling to Increase Sales


The “Buy 2 Get 1 Free” offer is hard to resist for most customers. Product bundling  (offer two or more products or services at an attractive price) is a smart and easy way of increasing sales for the merchant.


Other options to increase revenue

Upsell a product; that is; offer a higher slightly more expensive model that has more features. Cross sell; that is offer complementary products with the original one. For instance, a hairbrush with a blowdryer. 

Offer customised bundles based on customer preferences. 

Use the data you collect to understand the preferences and behaviors of your existing and prospective customers to personalize the landing page on your website so you are able to offer better targeted offers.


Offering a Money Back Guarantee


Having this option can provide reassurance and comfort to the risk averse first time customer who likes your product but is not fully sure. Such a policy can remove the fear of losing money and encourage the potential customer to convert to a buyer.


A banner promising such a guarantee for the product/ service that you are offering could be placed on the landing page so that it is visible and attractive to the potential customer.


Customers Love Freebies


Give away some of your product/service for free as an incentive to lure customers. Everyone loves free stuff, and although it might add to your current costs, it is an investment towards building relationships and trust with new and old customers alike. Remember to collect contact information like an email ID when they receive your freebie, so you can write with relevant updates to them  


The freebies you offer can be anything – samples of the handmade soap that you have started selling or a few trial sessions of the yoga classes that you are offering. It could even an ebook containing healthy recipes using the organic produce sold at your online store. Such give-aways help create a good impression among your prospective customers and can result in improved sales.


Most customers expect a free shipping policy for purchases beyond a certain amount, and welcome a free shipping for all orders policy if possible. So look into that. 

Creating a Sense of Urgency

Sometimes a limited time offer or a limited edition promotion offering is that little push that can urge the customer to convert. 


Creating awareness about the offer and broadcasting the deal through popular social media channels like Facebook and Instagram is necessary. Having a “countdown to the end of the promotion” often works well for the interested potential customer as he would hate to lose out on an interesting offer.


Using Customer Feedback as Social Proof


Your customer feedback and testimonials are the best advertisement for you. These are invaluable and can be influential in helping the potential customer make up his mind and buy your product. 


Highlight such testimonials by strategically placing them on the landing page,home page and the product pages too.


Professional accreditations from recognised organizations also add credibility to your offering. For eg. As a personal trainer, highlighting your certification from the relevant Sports Authority will create a more favourable perception of your brand to improve further sales. 


Keeping the Customer Engaged on Social Media 


Engage your potential customers on social media and do not let them feel ignored. Answering questions quickly while clearing doubts and providing solutions works well with the prospective customer who could now have the faith to convert to a customer thereby adding to your sales.


A Few Reminders About your Website


Apart from all this, make sure that your website is well optimized, loads quickly and is easy to navigate. It should also be Mobile optimized and user friendly.  


Good quality product images improve the perception about your brand and can help in improving sales.


Make varied payment options available, so you give your customers greater ease and flexibility to complete the transaction.


Make the checkout process easy and efficient by eliminating unnecessary forms and fields to be completed. This is also helpful in reducing shopping cart abandonments, thereby completing transactions and increasing sales.


This list of ideas is hardly exhaustive There are many paths, leading to the same goal of increasing sales. Most of the ones we have listed here are easy to adopt and implement and not expensive. It is up to you to choose and implement one or a few of these that you feel would be right for you and your online business.


Review and Improve !


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