Using Social Media is a way of life for most of us, with more than half the population of the world (about 4.2bn people) using some social media platform at least for a couple of hours everyday!



For the ecommerce merchants, being on a social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin or Twitter helps in increasing their audience reach, understanding the customers and establishing better engagement as they interact with them. 


Leveraging social media has therefore become a mandatory component of every online merchant’s marketing strategy as they work towards their goals of growing their revenue and business.


Why has it become mandatory?


Your social media engagement helps provide social proof of your brand/ business and that is extremely important to most customers. They would always like to look for reviews/ comments to know what others are saying about your brand/ product before picking it up themselves.   




Apart from getting likes and followers for your brand, creating and sharing interesting and valuable content helps in connecting with the audience and enhancing engagement. Users, especially the millennials, often like to get their questions answered or doubts clarified by direct and often immediate engagement with the merchant over social media. 




All such connections and interactions help in building up relationship and trust between the client and the brand and all this ultimately converts to greater brand awareness, customer loyalty and increased sales.


As an ecommerce merchant, you probably already have a social media presence, connecting with your audience by using some paid and scripted content along with the organic content generated by your users/ customers as part of your social media marketing strategy. 




While you are satisfied with the buzz that your existing postings and engagement have been able to create, are the posts doing their best? 


Are there ways to increase the impact/ effectiveness of your posts even more?


Let’s look at some strategies that could make those social media posts go the extra mile and be more impactful by reaching out to even greater audiences and perhaps even be able to stay on the audience’s radar long after the original content had been posted.


Tips to Manage Content Distribution


Social media content distribution is the way in which your content would be published and promoted to online audiences across various social media channels with the objective of increasing brand awareness, growing the number of followers and enhancing engagement- all with the ultimate objective of becoming a paid customer.   


One of the ways to increase the effectiveness of your posts is by devising a good content distribution strategy for your brand and yourself. Here are some ideas that will help you do so….


Repurpose your content


The content that you create for one format (say a blog for your website) can very well be reformatted and made relevant for a Facebook or Instagram or a Twitter post. 



In fact, it’s a smart idea to break off interesting bits and pieces of say the main post blog and publish it on alternative media handles to garner more interest and engagement. Some eye-catching data/ statistics on Instagram, or an impactful quote on Twitter or even reposting the catchy headline of the blog piece on Facebook – all of these could be some interesting ways to redesign and reproduce the same content across various social media channels. 


Such reformatting and highlighting of significant/ important aspects of the publication is sure to generate more interest and curiosity about the original blog post too and likely to increase those engagement numbers. 


Tracking performance


Adding a visual element to your content is another simple and smart way to make it more interesting and easier to read which always helps in improving engagement among users. Moreover, if you have produced visual content like Infographics as a part of the blog post, they can very well be used for attractive Pinterest postings (as reformatted content).


Harness the Power of Continued Interaction and Engagement


The posts that you publish on all social media mostly stay visible and in circulation for the first two or three days after posting and then get lost behind all the newly generated and published material. 


social media engagement


One of the ways of keeping them alive and visible for longer would be to keep the engagement and interactions going. Make sure that you comment and reply to all queries and concerns, show your appreciation where you must and link them to other/ past content whenever possible. 


Automate Scheduling


There are tools available in the market that can help you plan and schedule the posting of your content at regular intervals on social media. This is done with the objective of keeping the material relevant and in front of your audience for much longer than otherwise. Some of the popular software that can be used for Social Media Automation are Hootsuite, Buffer and SocialPilot.


Tag and Hashtag your Posts 


One of the ways of extending the reach of your social content would be to tag people and brands related to it.


Tagging (that refers to using a social handle or username of a person in your post or photo) can be a smart social media marketing strategy as it helps to engage the entity and gain more traction. When you tag people or even brands, you are basically identifying them and linking them to your post. 


You could tag people by using @ which indicates that you would like them to know or even respond to the post. 



Alternatively, you could use hashtags # for tagging. This allows you to reach out to a group and be part of an online discussion and can help in increasing the reach of your social media posts. 


Apart from increasing the reach and engagement of your posts, smart usage of tagging can bring dedicated traffic to your website and also help in SEO optimization that is so important for your product/ brand being found by the customer. 


Search Engine Optimization to do list


Adopt some of these simple strategies aimed at making your social media posts more impactful and establish that relationship with the audience that keeps them coming back to you. Moreover, all this can be done without the need of any major investments in terms of time or money. 



In addition to these modifications, carry on with a regular flow of interesting, relevant and engaging content to keep the audience engaged and connected to your brand/ product that would help increase conversions and grow revenue. 


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